The Lexington Muslim Community Essay

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Omer Hamad
Instructor: Siobhan Rolfes
WRD 110
25 September 2015

The Lexington Muslim Community Ever since moving here from Saudi Arabia, I have been a member of the local Muslim community. I did all the normal things a little Muslim boy does. I went to Sunday school, I attended Friday prayer with my father, and I had Muslim friends. As I grew up, I stopped attending Sunday school, I only went to Friday prayer when school was out, and I grew apart from my childhood Muslim friends. Yet I was, and currently am, a part of the Muslim community. A community which encourages a person to relax their mind and soul through prayer. While this is all great, there are some interesting aspects of the Muslim community that I am not completely familiar with. One such topic includes the various methods in which the Muslim community reaches out to the general public with a positive message. This sort of thing is a necessity due to the recent rise of Islamophobia, not only with the conservative crowd, but with the liberal crowd as well (Bayoumi 132). Islamophobia is fundamentally a prejudice against Islam and Muslims. It exists within the US in almost every corner of the country. According to Moustafa Bayoumi, the reasoning behind islamophobia is based off of facts and ideas which could be easily discredited with a basic understanding of Islam (Bayoumi 132). Any given Muslim community obviously doesn’t want people to harbor a dislike for them; they want to do what they can to be seen as a
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