The Lgbt Community Of China

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LGBT in China---a Thriving But Hidden Community Thriving, roaring, and booming, the LGBT community in China, though never being discussed by official publicly, is not only an amorous and romantic theme in the ancient Chinese literature but also a revolutionary topic in nowadays society. Since the Republic of China was established, homosexuality started to be condemned as a deviant from the social norm. Because of that, the battle of gay’s right is determined to leave an indelible landmark in the new chapter of the Republic of China. Despite the fact that there is no religious opposition to homosexuality in mainland China, the general population is extremely intolerant of the LGBT community; however the LGBT movement in China is steady and progressive, as shown by the millennials’ supportive view and nearby countries’ legalization of gay marriage. As the most common religion in China, Buddhism does not denounce homosexuality in regard to its traditional teaching. In general, Buddhism emphasizes harmony and love and encourages forgiveness. Buddha’s five precepts state that as long as love is “consensual, affectionate and loving, sex is fine” (“Jain”). Therefore, in the Buddhist philosophy, homosexuality is not a distinct topic that is worth mentioning. However, in 2007, Dalai Lama, one of the dominant leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, “rejected same-sex relationships to the surprise of many convert Buddhists, who sometimes too easily assume that Buddhist ethics are
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