The Lgbt Community

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With the current social revolution flipping the closed mindsets of both adults and today’s youth, we have become overly comfortable with pastly outrageous ideas. For instance, many new policies have been made protecting the newly accepted LGBT community. These are people who have every right to be who they are. People are now able to openly express themselves, but at what cost? When this escalades to extreme measures, where do we know where to stop? How will we know where the morale in these new social ideas run out? An idol to the LGBT community, newly renamed Caitlyn Jenner has revolutionized the way many people view transgender people. But with this new viewpoint in support of her, many people are trending this life changing decision. In some cases, this could even be considered a fad. The question stands: When should a person be able to make this decision to change their gender?. In response, no person should be able to make a decision as possibly detrimental as a sex-change has in the past proven to be, without the mind of at least 18 years old.
In opposition, many believe that with the parent of a transgender child should have the right to give the “yes” the doctor needs to perform a sex change. This can help a minor develop the same identity as a regular teenager might have the opportunity to during the time period before 18. In such a critical time of development, having lesser of an understanding of who you will be after a sex-change can hurt social aspects of a
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