The Lgbt Of Lesbian And Gay Youth

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Did you know that lesbian and gay youth are four times greater to commit suicide, rather than their straight peer counterparts? There are a vast number of lifestyles that thrive in the world today, however, one is hit with numerous setbacks daily. This lifestyle is society is the LGBT+ community, that is gaining recognition at a fast rate. The LGBT+ community has begun to speak out more about injustices that are put into place to stop the progress that has been going on for a while. This comes in the form of bullying those who accept this lifestyle at a young age in schools, to those who have been living their life as such and are looked down upon by their peers and the rest of humankind. Although, those who choose to live their lives this…show more content…
The Catholic Charities adoption policy chose to allow homosexual couples to adopt from them if the parent or parents decided to do so. This override shows that the natural thing to do is to allow the child to be placed into a home that is fit for them to be raised in, no matter the sexual orientation and relationship of the parents. Even though the Vatican found out about this, and placed them under investigation, there is no real problem in doing so. Once the child is placed into the home, the entire family is looked at with judgement only because the parents are the same gender, when the only thing that should matter is that the child is being raised under the proper conditions for leading a happy and healthy life. “The single story” visual that homophobic heterosexual individuals keep over the gay community not being able to raise a family are entirely unfair. These judgements not only happen to same sex parents, but they happen to those whom are single, but have a sexual orientation that is not the “norm” for everyone in all types of settings.
To provide a deeper outlook, the workplace is another atmosphere where a homosexual crowd will attend daily. The workplace is somewhat mandatory in life to have a healthy life and provide for oneself, so expecting those who are a part of the LGBT+ community to not be present and earn a living is shortsighted of those who are in the management positions.
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