The Lgbt Rights Of Americ A Social Effort

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The Road To LGBT Rights In America : A Social Effort
Imagine a world where the identity of a person jeopardizes their safety, that they must live in fear of the world around them simply for being who they are; this is the world of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. Despite the strides made to improve the conditions for this group, they are still under much scrutiny as society and the government adapts to their presence. The general public has maintained an uneasy balance of contentedness and bias, whereas the government cannot decide its stance on the issue.
The LGBT community’s adversity has persisted for quite some time in America, and has achieved federal attention as early as 1986, during the case of Bowers v. Hardwick. In 1986, the American Supreme Court accepted a case from Georgia regarding consensual sodomy. Hardwick claimed the Georgia statute which criminalized sodomy was unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the majority opinion moved in favor of Bowers, upholding the statute on the grounds that morals are allowed to dictate legislation. This was the popular belief at the time, where strong morals and family tradition was not just a belief, but the way of American life. The dissenting opinion contested this, claiming the case was not a matter of whether the law was constitutional, but whether it infringed on the civil liberty of privacy. A regretful outcome, as the majority opinion would pave the way for further discrimination until 2003

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