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An Analysis of the Relationship Between Mother and Daughter: The Liars Club, and a look at childhood through the lens of adulthood Marry Karr’s The Liars Club is a haunting memoire, depicting a young Texan girls struggle to survive the trials of adolescence in home that finds stability in chaos and comfort in the abusive habits of her parents. Illustrating both fond and painful memoires from her past, Karr paints a complex image of the relationship she shared with her mother; giving readers everywhere the ability to relate and empathizes with the emotional complexity of their mother daughter relationship. This complexity of relationship can be explored in three main ways: the conflicting views Karr formed of her mother, In Karr’s…show more content…
On the other hand, Karr also describes feeling the frustration of an unheard child wanting to “shake [mother] till she begins to weep or scream or what ever would break her loose from that island of quite.”(55). Later in the passage, when Mother, Marry and Lecia are eating lunch next to the stinking monkey cages; Mary’s sister Lecia is described as trying to start a conversation with Mother, by mentioning “what boneheads he doctors were.”(54) However, her undertaking goes unnoticed and is brushed aside with a casual “[cock] of [mother’s] head”(54) as if she didn’t understand when normally she would have jumped at the chance to complain about life in Leechfield. Mother’s silence represents a burden that “weighed”(54) heavily on Karr. The severity of which is highlighted when she is unfazed by monkeys throwing “turds at each other… [as one stands] with his… penis in his hand, screaming and jacking off furiously;” (54) almost as if the monkeys are also baiting for her attention. What’s shocking about this passage is that regardless of whether its animal instinct, the monkey’s behavior would disturb most people. Obviously, through her recollection of the monkeys, this scene clearly had some effect on Karr herself. However, Much like the “Bengal tiger [that sits unblinking as] flies [creep] over its eyelids… [and] a kid [throws] peanuts at him;” (54) Mother is unfazed and lacks

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