The Liberal Arts And Education

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A higher education prepares a student with knowledge to succeed professionally. The liberal arts focus is different as it prepares the student for a development of the mind, and perceptional differences within us as well as among each other. Some universities prepare the student with knowledge; however, Concordia University addition of the liberal arts program also prepares the individual with strengths of understanding the Bible, reflection, communication, and an ethical nature.
The importance of the liberal arts in a university education is that it develops a student’s discipline of mind. These are transferrable skills regardless of a specific profession. Additionally, it delivers an understanding of the importance of reflection, moderation, and insight. This prepares individuals with problem solving skills and communication skills. These are important in dealing with everyday life experiences, especially with dealing with each other. John Newman explained, “This process of training, by which the intellect, instead of being formed or sacrificed to some particular or accidental purpose, some specific trade or profession, or study or science, is disciplined for its own sake, for the perception of its own proper object, and for its own highest culture, is called Liberal Education (Newman I.vii.1). This course covered a number of varied essays.
Niccolo Machiavelli had a different perspective of Dr. Martin Luther King. Machiavelli’s view was that an effective leader
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