The Liberal Era Of The Twentieth Century / Progressive Era

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Muckrakers were investigative journalists who uncovered corruption and mistreatment by the developing big money organizations and politicians. In regards to public relations, the emphasis was placed on the unwanted publicity of corporations and politicians controlled by well-known robber barons. Those corporations reaction to the muckrakers lead to increased public relations in the early 1900’s. These muckrakers presented a newly evolving mass media, consisting of newspapers and magazines, which could turn the public’s opinion and policies against those corporations and politicians. Those same corporations and politicians would then hire specific public relation experts to show their side of the muckraker’s story to the court of public opinions. The muckrakers played an essential role to the world of journalism and public opinion in exposing corruption in politics and political machines in the early 20th century/progressive era. Most of those journalists were part of a grander social movement to elicit change during a rocky social time in United States’ history (Gorman). It is essential to start any informative information of muckrakers by exhibiting the social conditions of progressivism. The Progressive Era began around 1895 and ended in 1920, it was a response to the shifting social structure the United States presented at the time. This time period began to “see the rise of urbanization, industrialization, and even immigration” (Gorman) Prior to 1930, the…

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