The Liberal Party : The Libertarian Party

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Libertarian Party The libertarian party was originated in Westminster, Colorado and was found in 1971 by David Nolan. This party is the only political party that respects individual rights in a unique way. They are known for party of principles which is a representation of the principles of an individuals’ rights if its honest and peaceful not interfering or harming other individuals’. They give the individuals rights by limiting the government so they don’t interfere in a negative way. This is illustrated by personal, economical, and security liberty. Some Personal and economical liberties are abortion, expression of communication, education and health care. Abortion to the libertarian party is the belief that the induvial has the right to choose. However, they believe that a baby’s life is not the life of the mother but their own life. Alongside they believe that we have the right to choose but will deal with the consequences later. Expression of communication is another form of expressing the constitution’s first amendment. Freedom of speech and religion giving the individual the rights to believe and practice what they want. Giving the government no control over our media and technology and allowing individuals to voice their beliefs without interference. For instance, abortion if an individual wants to get an abortion and voice it they have the right to and others have the right to voice their opinions on it as well. Giving people the power and bringing out the

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