The Liberal State Essay

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CHAPTER 11.3 Research Objectives
The Indian State has ensured that the employers have a far more control over labour than ever before. The thought of the neo-liberal state as one that is more disengaged in its political economy functioning is a lost one. The neo-liberal state has demonstrated expanding duality, prompting inaction in specific zones, (for example, sanctioning of social security for the workforce), and while at the same time facilitating capital so as to exhibit deliberate efforts in different areas.
This perspective is unmistakable from the prevailing talk on labour legislation. The prevailing view on labour legislation in India has been contending for the labour market flexibility and even more, getting rid of restrictive labour legislation since it accepts that labour laws hamper investment and growth of employment. The limitations that the employers are confronted with when it comes to the question of hire and fire, redeployment and utilization of contractual labour, pressure from trade unions, has, according to this view, prompted to poor rate of growth for employment and overall hamper industrial growth in the country. It is contended that the employers confronting stringent labour laws would prefer not to utilize more workers and along these lines firms suffer, rendering businesses not able to acclimate to the fluctuations of the market. In a globalized economic environment, employers support flexible work systems where they can have the opportunity to
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