The Liberation Outrage

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Introduction- In a very real sense, a woman was an outsider, one whose meaning of life is engulfed in fear and subordination passed down from Moses (cite She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry). It was common knowledge, even biological, that women were psychologically and physically inferior to man. For this reason, woman’s place was the home, boundaries were set in stone and limitations were imposed on the minds of the female from childhood. It wasn’t until the 1900’s when woman would arise and demand equality and suffrage, it was in the 1960’s and 70’s that liberation, not equality, was demanded. A movement that started in the humble therapy groups of middle class women exploded into a bra burning, role reversing, exhilarating force that would thwart women into a new mindset. In the midst of the liberation outrage, there would be clash within the groups of feminists- the liberals, and the radicals, the two mindsets. Liberal feminists, which consisted of older women who were more prevalent in the 60’s civil rights movement, were determined to fight for women through political action, blaming capitalism as the root of male superiority. Radical feminists, coming out of college angry with the situations they were faced with as educated women in a housewife culture, chose to attack the system of our society through press, demonstrations and organizing in unaffiliated groups with separate beliefs. Political and grassroot feminists would clash on the matters of tactics and actions

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