The Liberation of Madame Bovary

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The Liberation Madame Bovary Women have always been seen as the inferior gender. When women act out of turn they are considered nontraditional or uncouth. It isn’t until recent where women have stopped worrying about what society thinks of them. The women’s movement in the 1960’s opened the doors for women to get jobs and feel equal and in some ways superior to men. Long before women were burning their bras, long before the women’s suffrage movement, centuries ago in France a man by the name of Gustave Flaubert breathed life by means of pen and paper into a woman who would be seen as a disgrace in her time, but just another celebrity in our present reality. Emma Bovary was an adulteress woman whose greed jeopardized the well-being of her loved ones. Emma Roualt who is later addressed as Madame Bovary is a woman who grew up in the country area of France. She is seen as a young woman who fantasizes about the “nicer things” in life and when she is exposed to the lifestyle she finds a way outside of the norm to obtain what she wants in life. In the beginning, Madame Bovary is seen as someone who is ashamed of her country upbringing. She was then lucky enough to marry and move away to what is seen as a middle class neighborhood. Later on her actions lead to disgrace, tragedy, and the overall hurt of her loved ones. To act within society’s idea of what is “normal” is something that has always been forced on women, A downward spiral
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