The Liberator By Alberto Arvelo

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The Liberator, directed by Alberto Arvelo, is a historical biographical film documenting the life of Simon Bolivar and his struggle against the Spanish for equality in South America. Somewhat surprisingly, the cast is an incredibly gifted cast in comparison with other Latin American produced films with smaller budgets. Édgar Ramírez was the main actor who played the role of Simon Bolivar in the film. Erich Wildpret played the critical role of Antonio Jose de Sucre. This prominent general was murdered near the conclusion of the film. The third major character in the film was actress María Valverde. She played the supporting role of Maria Teresa Bolivar, Simon’s early wife (IMDB, The Liberator 2013). After opening with a coup against Simon Bolivar in Colombia, the film flashes back in order to portray the previous journey of that same Latin American revolutionary. After wedding a young Spanish girl, Maria Teresa Bolivar, he returns to Venezuela with her. Unfortunately, not long after arriving, his wife contracts yellow fever and dies. This causes Bolivar to go into a time of grieving as he lives an immoral and debauchery filled life in Paris. After being corrected by his former teacher, he returns to South America with the desire to instigate a revolution against Spanish control for a single unified South America. As Bolivar moved from city to city, defeating the Spanish, he set an unprecedented approach to his actions as liberating as opposed to conquering. After being…
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