The Liberator By Alberto Arvelo

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In 2013 the biopic of Simón Bolívar called "The Liberator", directed by Alberto Arvelo was created to demonstrate the liberation of Latin America during the 1800s as well as the various obstacles Simón Bolívar had overcome in order to free his country. "The Liberator" was an impactful film that truly demonstrated the hardships and inferiority of indigenous life due to Spain 's reign of dominance which drastically damaged the overall tone and development of many Latin Americans. Throughout the duration of the film, various themes such as inequality, nationalism, and liberalism were present during Bolívar 's war against the Spanish Empire; Bolívar 's ideals on the true destiny of man had both divided the country between patriots and royalists as well as sparking a revolution against the Spanish due to his disobedience. Simón Bolívar was a Venezuelan militaries and political leader known as "The Liberator" for his role in challenging the powerful Spanish Empire in order to establish independence and equality within Latin America. However, despite fighting for a noble cause and providing unity amongst the indigenous people of Latin America, Bolívar 's leadership was often questioned due to his determination to win liberty.
The film "The Liberator" was a biopic that followed the life of Simón Bolívar during Latin American Independence in which he led his military consisting of natives against the Spanish in order to achieve liberty. I feel that Alberto Arvelo of Caracas,

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