The Liberian Genocide

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The Liberian genocide was caused by Samuel Doe he led a coup d'etat in April 12,1980. He led the first civil war and group of soldiers to kill president William Tolbert. The assassination went unnoticed which is astonishing, given the fact that that there was considerable political tension. It was also well staffed by the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia. It was bloody takeover by Doe and soldiers who back kim up. By the end of the month everyone in cabinet but one was killed. After, coming into power he made himself chairman and head of state he revoke the acting constitution, and wrote the 25 member constitutional commission under the leadership of Dr Amos Sawyer. Samuel Doe officially came into power in 1986 as first president of the second Republic…show more content…
His lack of support from the U.S. and form his Liberian people caused him his life and around 150 Liberian lifes. He was captured and killed on November 15, 1985 by the krah soldiers who were loyal to Doe. In 1989 an alliance made up of American-Liberals, Mano, and Gio people united National Patriotic Front of Liberia. Charles Taylor led the attack against Doe to take over his country. Charles launched an attack against Doe by sending NPFL to take over Liberia. Doe fought back by sending the AFL to counter attack the NPFL but failed and lost to Charles over two hundred soldiers lost their lives in this attack. Then, Doe visited the Ecomog headquarters and was kidnaped by Prince Johnson and killed on September 9, 1990. In the first civil war over twenty thousand people lost their lives Doe killed many innocent people and killed all that opposed…show more content…
Charles declared a state of emergency because the rebels were taking over most of Liberia and all the soldiers were exhausted from the war. The rebels were successful winning the war and pushing back the the Liberia army back. President Charles decide to send more than half his troops to stop the rebels advance. The army eventually stop the advance of the rebels in September, after they took control of the town Bopolu. Once the army took control President Charles lifted the the State of emergency. They had a very big set back because they had lost their big chance in gaining control of Liberia. This lost did not hold the rebels back they were preparing their next attack by next year. More than 130,000 people had left the country to find refuge in a different country. The war has lasted ever since President Doe became President. The war has made a lot of people leave the country and and many people have died in the first and second civil war. Even when Doe was President there was never
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