The Libertarian Philosophy That Robert Nozick Advocates

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The Libertarian Philosophy that Robert Nozick advocates in his seminal works Anarchy, State and Utopia delves deeply into the concepts of distributive justice and equality we, humanity, are entitled to. Nozick emphasises the effectiveness of the minimal state as a political system that is successful in ensuring the traditional libertarian view of negative liberty that secures what Nozick believes to be our inalienable rights. Quite clearly Nozick is a supporter of minimal interference from a governing body over people as it infringes on their ability to live freely. Whilst, ‘taxation is on a par with forced labour,’ can be initially interpreted as a bold and sweeping statement is in fact, once evaluated in relation to the libertarian view…show more content…
In Nozick’s opinion there is no need for a welfare state. Nozick argues that interference from the state is detrimental to the liberty of the individual. In his famous thought experiment from Anarchy, State and Utopia, he expresses in a very convincing way that taxation can in fact be equalled to forced labour. The properly basic belief Nozick holds is that to take n amount of money earned from an individual is equal to taking n number of hours from the same individual. For Nozick, they equate to the same value. This is because when an individual chooses to work a greater number of hours to receive an income more than that needed for them to live sufficiently they choose to do this so they may indulge in extra goods such as clothing, holiday’s and costly luxuries. In contrast, there are others who prefer to spend less time gaining an income and instead like to spend more time enjoying leisure. This is just the nature of society, some are driven by wealth and the possibility of gaining extra goods whilst others desire to work less and enjoy their own leisure. However, if we were to take away an individual’s right to enjoy their own leisure for them to work a greater number of hours because of the requirement to support the needy we would consider this an unjustifiable act of forced labour as we have violated their right to choose how they spend their own time. Yet when we require taxes from an individual who earns

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