The Librarian - Original Writing

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The librarian begins to mercilessly ride atop the man, harder, faster, groaning and gasping and leaving little pink rivers of claw marks all over his chest. The man can’t remember the last time he came for any reason. It was making himself cum thinking about this moment, he knew, before he met this insane woman, before he threw his life away for some jerk off fantasy.
Now he felt the rhythmic motion of her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock, the up and down, the slippery warm movement, her breathing, and the man could only close his eyes and pray for some escape from this place, from this moment, from her.
“No, no, no, no,” she gasps, “you don’t get away that easily, pet,” she whispers, “Cum for me, cum inside me, feel my perfect pussy, remember how I taste,” she says.
The man’s entire body tenses up. He hates himself. He wants to scream, “Fuck you,” but his fear stops him. He’s too afraid of the things he saw on that first night. He’s too helpless. He’s her prisoner.
Instead, he feels his cock swell with her every methodical undulation, with her every warm, tight stroke of her pussy on his dick. He grits his teeth, he tries to imagine baseball statistics, or stock quotes, or the last morning’s headline.
His cock begins to spurt then spasm uncontrollably. The librarian smiles and bites her lip. He can feel her pussy throbbing and squeezing his shaft rhythmically, the librarian’s body tenses, her fingernails cut deeply into the flesh of the man’s chest.
“Mmmm,” the
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