The Library Of The Modern Library

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Libraries are an important resource, both to those who use them and to the area in which they reside. Over the years, libraries have changed from being simple repositories of printed books and materials. Instead, libraries now are home to ever changing technologies, community meeting rooms, areas in which children can participate in a variety of activities, and a multitude of other things, in addition to the previously housed print materials. As the Carnegie libraries of the past, and other libraries, begin to become less well-suited to the mission of the modern library, it is possible that many library directors may find themselves in a position of being asked to plan a new building. This is a multi-faceted process which must be carefully considered in order to be a success. While there is no such thing as a perfect library, one which has been carefully thought out and well-designed may more easily gain acceptance by the community. Steps which must be taken are a consideration of problems with the existing building, the creation of a building team, a thorough assessment of needs, a determination of how much space is needed, selection of site location, the design of the library, and a post-occupation evaluation. While working in an existing library, it may not be immediately apparent to the librarian to what extent the current situation is not ideal. In order to best see these problems, it is often beneficial to take a step back in order to better see the whole picture and…

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