The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

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The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges was about a Library filled with an infinite, or perhaps finite, number hexagon rooms. These hexagons contain all books that exist, and many that have yet to be written. The story describes the last thoughts of a man who has lived in this library universe. The Library itself holds many books that hold perceived power from the knowledge they hold. One of the most incomprehensible concepts he raises is a book that contains all other books within the Library. The knowledge that it contains would impart omniscience onto whomever reads it, which is a dangerous power to hold. Omniscience is described as the ability to know everything that has been, and will be. The idea of a book that could give this power is appealing to anyone, since it contains the promise of unlimited information. In the story, it is presumed that someone could have found the book, and that they would have become a god through reading this all powerful book. “ On some shelf in some hexagon (men reasoned) there must exist a book which is the formula and perfect compendium of all the rest: some librarian has gone through it and he is analogous to a god.”- (Borges, p.g 4 The Library of Babel) There are those in the Library who search for this omniscient librarian in hopes that he could impart the wisdom he has learned, onto them. But to the person who has read the book, referred to as “the Man of the Book”, it would be an immense burden. This is true of most

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