The Lie About College Diversity Summary

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In The New York Times, the article “The Lie About College Diversity.” by Frank Bruni discusses his theory on college diversity. Bruni explains that colleges are trying to enhance their campus. The college fails to get these diverse groups to go outside their comfort zone and intermingle. There are places where these groups can go to feel comfortable like housing environments, groups, fraternities, and clubs. However, they fail to go outside these groups. The colleges should help make it possible for these different diverse groups to interact, socialize, and drive cohesion. This will help college students integrate better into real-world diverse environments.
Even if the colleges are achieving their goals to get a diverse student body to the campuses, they fail to get those groups to interact. In the article “The Lie About College Diversity,” Bruni’s interpretation on diversity explains that common college diversity programs are categorizing students together with similar backgrounds. Only a number of programs accept students to interact with fellow diversity students with different cultures, backgrounds or ethnic groups. These programs do not motivate students to reach out and share their thoughts with other groups because they could get rejected. By learning other points of view and having diversity in the learning environment, it also helps individuals communicate better. It also opens minds to ideas and concepts they might not have considered and provide them with
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