The Lies My Teacher Told Me and People’s History of the United States

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There is a logical saying in society one should take to heart; that line being, “Don’t believe everything you read.” Just because a text is written and published does not means it is always accurate. Historical facts, similar to words whispered in the child’s game, “telephone,” are easily transformed into different facts, either adding or subtracting certain details from the story. James Loewen, in The Lies My Teacher Told Me, reveals how much history has been changed by textbook writes so that students studying the textbooks can understand and connect to the information. In Howard Zinn’s, People’s History of the United States, the author recounts historical tales through the point of view of the common people. Mainstream media, as…show more content…
He commanded all slaves of a certain age or older to collect a set amount of gold every quarter year, and those who failed to do so, “had their hands cut off and bled to death” (Zinn, Ch. 1). The Lies My Teacher Told Me also relates how much society corrupts history. Many Americans believe that the pilgrims, the sons and daughters of the revolution, were the first to inhabit the “New World, however this is false. Loewen states that, “Few Americans know that one-third of the United States, from San Francisco to Arkansas to Natchez to Florida, has been Spanish longer than it has been "American," and that Hispanic Americans lived here before the first ancestor of the Daughters of the American Revolution ever left England (Loewen, Ch. 3). Secondly, many mainstream media outlets glorify the actions and “daring” adventures of Columbus; they also place the pilgrams on a high pedastool while lowering the value of the Indians (Loewen, Ch. 2 & 3). Columbus was not even the “great hero” books and TV make hime out to be. On October 12, Rodrigo, a sailor caught sight of sunrays upon the sands of an island in the Bahamas. A yearly pension of 10,000 maravedis was meant to got to the first man to see land, however Rodrigo never received the reward. Columbus claimed to have seen land the previous evening and took the reward (Zinn, Ch.

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