The Lies Told By Society Essay

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The Lies Told by Society Sex. Health. Beauty. They are everywhere. As a culture, we are intrigued by obtaining those physical qualities. Today, advertisements are consuming our culture around visual images that have taken control of our day to day lifestyles. Advertisements have the ability to alter the beliefs of individuals ultimately affecting the social and cultural norms of our society. With this desire to appear attractive comes with the idea of wanting to portray ourselves as sexual beings. As our society is becoming more modern, we are being consumed by mass media and the impacts that come with it. Advertisements are effecting the overall perception of what society considers a physically appealing appearance towards male and females. The advertising industry operates on the idea of sexual objectification of women bodies. Many advertising companies have taken advantage of their “sex sells” strategy by portraying unrealistic and false images of women based on the social and cultural perception of beauty. Advertisers are using this strategy for the purpose to benefit themselves by selling and endorsing their own products. The constant portrayal of sexuality in mass media has lead to a destructive and false belief that society is centered around promiscuity. Living in America’s media- frenzied culture means living up to the negative beauty standard that advertisers have created. The constant sexualized images in advertising have dehumanized and objectified women
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