The Life And Accomplishments Of Walt Disney

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Walter Elias Disney was always seen as a very imaginative and outgoing person at any point in his life. Walt loved life and would make appearances at Disneyland all the time to make sure employees were being kind and courteous to the guests while managing to talk and ride rides with children that looked up to him. Never in his life would Walt give up on something, which made him very stubborn at times, but a good businessman with the guidance of his brother, Roy. All of these traits made Walt Disney into one of the greatest entrepreneurs the world has ever seen, and some say he even helped shape the 20th century. Flora and Elias Disney had Walter on December 5, 1901 in Hermosa, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Flora was German-American whereas Elias was Irish-Canadian, so Walt comes from many different cultural backgrounds. He was the fourth boy and fourth oldest child of the family as Walt had four other siblings; Herbert, Raymond, Roy, and Ruth, respectively. Walt was actually named after Preacher Walter Parr after Elias and him were close and both mutually agreed to name their next born boy after the other man.
In 1906, Walt moved from to the big city of Chicago to a small farm in Marceline, MO because of financial problems, and then from Marceline to Kansas City, MO in 1911, as Elias can 't keep the farm running with health issues. Walt loved Marceline as it was where he began to take an interest in drawing. On a side note, the downtown area of Marceline was eventually the

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