The Life And Career Of Ronald Reagan

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The Life and Career of Ronald Reagan
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Ronald Wilson Reagan, elected as the 40th President of the United States of America in 1980. Became one of the most beloved and revered President in modern times. He’s most known for bringing the end to the Cold War and helping bring an end to major communist activities in the world. There were several of Reagan’s policies that had an impact on ending the Cold War. In order to bring down the Soviet Union and end the Cold War for good, Reagan came up with the Reagan Doctrine, built up our military, and used his quick wit and humor to demean the USSR’s communist ideals.
Early Life
Reagan was born in Tampico,
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He went on to star in more than 50 films. He was a popular star of the time, and was well known in the film and industry.

Early political career
Reagan first began his political activities as a union leader in the Actor’s Union. As such, He was involved in the Jo McCarthy communist witch-hunt of the late 1940’s. He testified on behalf of the film industry and in front of the Congressional committee. This was one of his first ventures into the national political arena. Reagan again made his way into the political limelight in 1964 when he publically endorsed Senator Barry Goldwater for President. Goldwater lost the election to Lyndon Johnson, but the exposure that Reagan had at that time poised him for his next political move.
Bid for Governorship
The Election of 1980
Reagan spent the next several years building relationships throughout the country with friends and other political leaders. When the election of 1980 came around, Reagan had won the nomination from the Republican Party to go against incumbent Jimmy Carter. The two candidates were very different in their appeal to the American public, Carter’s had his nervous mannerisms, while Reagan’s was able to showcase his Hollywood charm, which appealed to the public. Voters saw Reagan as a take charge leader that could put the country and the economy back on track, where it needed to be. Reagan won the election, receiving 51 percent to Carter’s 41
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