The Life And Death Of Jesus Christ

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The life and death of Jesus Christ is one of the best known stories in the world. A story that has been told and retold in a number of different mediums and almost every language, but this success did not just happen. Jesus’ legacy owes is longevity to the Gospels Written between 70 and 100 years after the common era, the Gospels form the backbone of the entire Christian religion. Their teachings were so profoundly popular that their echoes can still be heard throughout all structures of modern day society. Two notable gospels are that of Luke and John. Luke’s gospel reads like a historical recounting of events. Using firsthand accounts and stories passed down from eyewitnesses, his gospel focuses just on the facts. In contrast, John’s gospel is considerably more spiritual. Not guided by chronological order, John focuses on the incidents that best capture Jesus’ emotions and passions in order to provide a complimentary perspective on his life and teachings. Though the two gospels tell the story of the same man, their styles are distinct. Where John’s gospel highlights Jesus’ divinity, Luke’s emphasizes his humanity, but both use his crucifixion to reiterate Jesus’s teachings on salvation through belief and to renew the faith of the Christian people. John’s writing style is unique from the other gospels; his writing is highly metaphorical and he uses a stylized characterization of Jesus to prove his divinity. At the beginning of the scene, John describes Jesus “carrying…

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