The Life And Presidency Of Abraham Lincoln

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There are many unique personalities that make up a workplace. One may be a debater, commander, motivator, perfectionist, or simply a follower. While it is important to have these different personalities on your team, you also need a strong leader who drives the rest of the team towards the end goal. As a strong leader you want to acquire qualities like “honesty integrity, empathy, as well as the ability to persuade, direct, and motivate people.” (Phillips,). Some leaders maybe naturally born; others have to acquire these traits through personal experience or through exemplary leadership. The life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln “demonstrated that he possessed all of the great leadership qualities.” (Phillips). Lincoln’s philosophies on …show more content…
Such display of empathy and care ensured trustworthiness, loyalty, and respect from his subordinates. As a pharmacist this is equally important for us to incorporate into our everyday practice. We don’t want to stay secluded in our office or be behind the verification computer the entire shift. It would be more beneficial for the pharmacist to mingle with technicians and get their opinions. This helps gain “first-hand knowledge needed to make accurate decisions without solely relying on the words of others.”(Phillips). We want to build amicable relationships with the staff so they feel respected and comfortable enough to come to you for help. If the trust and cordial relationship is missing from the work environment then more mistakes or problems are prone. For example, if a technician is having trouble billing a prescription to a third party payor and doesn’t feel comfortable asking the pharmacist for help then they may just leave the issue unsolved. When the patient comes back in a few hours and the problem is still not fixed they will become upset. At this point the technician’s shift may have already ended and the pharmacist is left dealing with an issue that they aren’t fully aware of. Not only will this decrease customer satisfaction but also slow down the work flow. Hence it is important to circulate amongst the staff and obtain information as soon as it arrives.
Due to
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