The Life And Stylings Of Johnny Cash

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The Life And Stylings of Johnny Cash By Cole Halter 9 March 2016 Mrs. Poole English 11 Dear reader, Mrs. Poole English 11 9 March 2016 Johnny Cash: The Research Paper! First off let me start off by saying Johnny Cash is one of the biggest legends ever. His music has spanned Decades and has inspired many artist all over the country, and let’s be honest, not many artists can reach these standards. He has made a huge impact on Country, Rock and Roll, blues, and many more genres of music. But he has also influenced the American culture through the use of his own works, thus creating both a mixture of controversy and envy in his vast amounts of those who have heard the tunes that belong to Cash. You may…show more content…
Despite Cash’s heavy Drinking and devastating addiction to amphetamines, this frantic lapse of behavior led to some of his best hits including many singles and various hits. Cash the Self proclaimed, “Man in black” Stood for something, he stood for the less fortunate. Something he took pride in, something that could be applied to the public’s understanding of his Iconic status in America and just another great reason as to why Cash achieves legendary. Cash’s final years really shined for him. Through the last breath of his creative works he was able to release an amazing work of art, the album, “American Recordings”, produced by the also Iconic Rick Rubin who has worked with various artists including Tom Petty, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc. With the final years he was able to produce such records as “Hurt” a cover of the Nine Inch Nails hit single, Lead singer Trent Rayznor stated that after cash had covered the initial hit it really wasn’t even his song anymore. Sadly, shortly after his final works were released Cash passed away at the age of 73 on September 9th, 2003. Cash displayed a great amount of genius in his final years that really show why he is still remembered today. However with the passing of Johnny Cash, A legacy shadowed what was an amazing life of an american icon. His rebellious image has cast an influence for many artist and has even been payed tribute by many artist as well. Many things have happened since his death relating to him. One

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