The Life And Success Of Jean Piaget. By. Jasmine Simmons.

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The Life and Success of Jean Piaget
Jasmine Simmons
Harris Stowe State University
EDUC 0223 (01) Introduction: Jean William Fritz Piaget born (August 9th 1896 – September 6th1980) in Neuchatel, Switzerland, would become one of the worlds best Philosopher and Psychologist. One of his best works was the Cognitive Development on children which is also used in today’s way of how a child learns as well as the Binet Intelligent Test which is still used in today’s school system. Piaget was a very inquisitive child and began his scientific research at the age of 11. He found it very interested at a very young age how a child learn and think.
Born to a Swiss father and French mother, Jean Piaget was the oldest child. His father, Arthur
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Also during the 1920s, Piaget worked with 2 other scientists; Theodore Simon and Alfred Binet to study more on how a child learn and the certain connections between a child’s age and the natures of his errors. (Jean Piaget Biograghy). This study grew more interest about how a child learn for Jean Piaget and he also found out that during this study that most younger children seem to make a lot more mistakes than older children or young adults.
“Factual knowledge should not be equated with intelligence or understanding.” -Jean Piaget ( Editors, 2017)
Piaget allowed children to learn from their mistakes and explain to him what they learn from it. He then came to the conclusion that children mistakes are innocently made from lack of experience. Piaget also believed in social interaction with children as well, building a strong foundation and relation with children in order for them to learn. Piaget got married in 1923 to a woman by the name of Valerie Chatenay and had 3 children that he also did many cognitive studies on. This study lasted until 1929 and he then became the Director of the International Bureau of Education. During his time of this study, he also was drafted in the annual ‘Director’s Speech for the IBE Council’ every year as well as the
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