The Life And Times Of Scott Fitzgerald

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The Life and Times of Scott Fitzgerald How did Fitzgerald’s life and the time period influence his writing? The mastermind behind one of America 's greatest and most revolutionary pieces of literature had a humble beginning. He was born on September 24, 1896 to Mary and Edward Fitzgerald of St. Paul Minnesota. As a child, the family moved back and forth between Buffalo and Syracuse New York, they were dependent on his fathers minimum wage jobs. Scott’s first piece of writing, a detective story, was printed in the school newspaper at age thirteen. After he graduated from highschool he choose to attend Princeton University for his higher education. However, during World War Two, to serve his country and prove his patriotism he dropped out and joined the United States Army. Fitzgerald became fearful that he would perish during the war and hastily composed a short story. The Romantic Egotist however, was not a success but the publisher encouraged him to continue to write more. During training for the army, Fitzgerald met Zelda Sayre. He fell in love with her, however she was descended from an upper class family and would not accept a mere poor man’s love. World War Two was ended before he was deployed and Fitzgerald moved to New York to launch an impressive advertising career in order to entice Zelda to marry him. He soon abandoned his job and moved back to St. Paul to re work his failed novel. Eventually he came out with This Side of Paradise. The book turned into a
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