The Life And Work Of Martin Luther

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Martin Luther experienced true faith and a true mystical experience for the first time when he got stuck in a thunderstorm. Fearing for his life he begged St. Anne that if she took care of him he would become a monk. Luther’s journey began towards the life of God. The path he took, led him through moments of realization and confusion. Martin Luther questioned the church and re-evaluated baptism; yet, he re-enforced the importance of the Eucharist, kept his faith in God and believed every child of Christ had the right to know the Lord 's word. Sacraments are about becoming closer to God, to commit to a life of God and to reach God’s grace. According to Rev. David D.Reedy author of “The Life and Work of Martin Luther” Martin began a revolution as he taught and wrote about his dissatisfactions with the church. He began to change the way people understood and the sacraments because he began to go back to the roots of each sacrament. When I began my path towards God through my own choice and not just part of what I was nurtured through, I began to realize a few things I didn’t agree with. Martin Luther began to ask questions to learn and explore, but he was encountered with an unexpected twist. When making his way to become a minister David Reedy explains, “He came away more disillusioned, and very discouraged by the immorality and corruption he witnessed there among the Catholic priests.” His main ideal was that we must dig back into the real power of faith. Luther believes
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