The Life And Work Of St. Augustine

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Aurelius Augustinus, better known as St. Augustine of Hippo, was an African who is credited for being a founding father of church doctrine and innovator or pioneer of sorts, for Western Christianity. He was a legend before his time and possessed knowledge of The Word of God that far surpassed even today’s modern theologians. In this essay we will look at the life and work of St. Augustine of Hippo’s. First, starting with his lifespan will focus on his family, education and conversion experience. Second, will look at his theological viewpoint, what did he believe. And third, will look at those who were influenced by the work of St. Augustine. Finally will cover his written works that still stand as great commentary for today’s students. It is my goal that by the end of this essay you would have a better understanding of this great theologians work and impact on today’s ministry. 1. The Life of St. Augustine Aurelius Augustinus was born in Tagaste, modern day Souk-Ahras, Algeria, sometime around 354 to a pagan father, Patricious, and a Berber Christian mother, Monica, along with his two brothers and a sister. He lived between 354 AD and 430 AD. He would rise from being a pagan to saint and, ultimately, one of the founding fathers for Christian Doctrine. His hometown Tagaste was Roman ruled up until just after Augustine’s death around 430 AD. Augustine’s family was poor, however, his father was a member of the town council and had some connections and influence with the
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