The Life And Writings Of Edgar Allen Poe

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Elton Truss ENGL 2306 2A1 Mrs. Sizemore 8 April 2017 The Life and Writings of Edgar Allen Poe One of the most remembered and well known American writers of the 19th century, Edgar Allen Poe is known for his gothic elements and the way he could portray the phycological state of the people in the stories. Examples are his short stories The Raven, Tell-Tale Heart as well as his poems like Annabel Lee. But this paper is not about any of those. No, this paper is to look at how the events in his life shaped and influenced the stories he wrote. Edgar Allen Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts to David and Elizabeth Poe. It was not very long after, in 1810, Poe’s father David Poe, Jr left the family and died later that…show more content…
From the very beginning, Poe’s life did not have an easy start. There were many traumatic moments in his formative years. His father’s leaving and dying, and not even a year later, his mother dies of tuberculosis. But what is interesting about the “Tamerlane and Other Poems” is that it is under the name Bostonian. It is safe to say that Poe did not want his foster father John Allen to know what he was doing. At same time, he was publishing this collection of poems under a different name, Poe had enlisted in the army under the name Edgar A. Perry (Other Poems) In the poem, “Tamerlane” (1827) Poe writes about a distant land were a conqueror named Tamerlane is out on a quest for stature and renown. Poe has four themes in the poem. They are love, death, beauty, and pride. Along the way, the hero ages and, when he is near death, regrets the love he pushed aside during his quest. When he gets back he begins to rethink his choices and visits home again. He finds it is not home anymore, and that he has only despair and a broken heart (Tamerlane). Most biographers believe that the poem was about Poe’s broken love affair with Sarah Elmira Royster (Tamerlane) when he went off to achieve stature and renown at the university. But, when he got back, he found that his home was no longer home. That it was “Despair-/ A kingdom for a broken- heart” which may represent his heart when he found out that Sarah was engaged to another man. After

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