The Life Of A Bill. Trace The Pathway Of A Bill Through

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The Life of a Bill Trace the Pathway of a bill through both houses of Congress Have you ever wondered how bills are passed through Congress? Have you ever wondered why it takes so much time for a bill to be signed? Both of these questions will lead you to the same conclusion. You will find that the process of creating and passing bills is very complex and it requires multiple stages of revision that can be halted throughout the multitude of steps that it goes through. This essay will inform you on how a bill is passed through both houses of Congress. To begin it would be best to understand what a bill is. A bill is a proposal of a law (2). Bills can only emerge in Congress (2). Congress is composed of the House of Representatives and the…show more content…
An example would be that if a bill is brought up for education, that bill would go to a committee that specializes in education. After the bill hits the desks of the committee, those members will read the legislation and seek out departments and organizations that can provide more insight on the contents of the bill (5). For example, if the education committee is gathering information they will most likely ask for the expert opinion of individuals within the Department of Education. When getting the specifics of something, the committee will most likely assign a subcommittee to look at something very specific (5). All the subcommittee is, is a small group of people from the original committee that get very specific information (5). While the committee and subcommittee is getting an experts analysis on the proposed bill, they are also checking so make sure that the bill has a high priority in society (5). To do this the committee hands the bill off to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) (5). The people in the GAO check and make sure that the bill is worth the time of the committee by judging how much of an impact that it will have on the government or the lives of everyone in the United States of America (5). Once the GAO has reached their decision, the committee then decides whether they will hold a meeting or not hold a meeting (5). Now the committee has deemed the bill
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