The Life Of A Dentist

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The Life of a Dentist Growing up, people assumed many things about the person I would end up being. Some people thought I was good at dancing and would end up being a performer or an actress. Others saw me arguing with my older sibling and thought I would be a great lawyer. Although many people held different expectations of me that changed over time, my father always hoped and encouraged me to be a doctor. I remember him telling his friends that his biggest dream is to see me become a doctor. Since then, I have made it a goal to fulfill his dream. However, as a child I thought a lot about being a news reporter, because I’ve always wanted to be on TV. My goals and dream have changed over the years, and now I am working towards becoming a…show more content…
I want to know how many hours a week they typically work. Also, I want to know how much they make on average per year. Another thing that is important for me to find out is how many years of study it takes to become a dentist. I want to know where the best schools are located for my area in this field of study. I am prepared to do a lot of research to make sure I reach my goal Although it is difficult to become a dentist, I will work hard towards my goals. I plan on studying very hard. I will also keep my father’s expectations and dreams for me in mind, as a motivation. I will also educate myself on what opportunities are available so that I am prepared to work towards them as best I can. If I need help or if I’m struggling, I will ask for help from teachers or tutors. My main focus right now is to keep school and work as my number one priority. My motivation will come from my personal goals and from my family. The life of a dentist The dentist I chose for my first interview was Ali Muallah: he is my father 's closest friend. My father gave me Muallah 's phone number, and I gave him a call regarding the times he is available for Skype interview because he lives all the way in Indianapolis. I chose him because he was easy to get a hold of and recently became a dentist. Therefore, he understands the struggles of transitions into the life of the dentist. Ali Muallah is an Arab dentist that motivated me

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