The Life Of A Refugee Camp

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Life is like a drop of water floating on the surface of the lotus leaf. I cannot trust it when people claim that life can’t be changed because of my own life story. How could anyone believe that I was born in a refugee camp? As a matter of fact, I was born there.

In the early 1990’s one of the smallest countries in the world, Bhutan was politically active because of growing communism within the nation. At that time, the country was populated with Nepali and Drukpas; two distinct groups of people. One group eats beef for their finest food and the other group prays to cows as a god. For hundreds of years these two groups cooperated with each other and had a good relationship. Then that relationship changed when the Bhutanese people
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My parents were among this group. For the next eighteen years of their lives, they remained refugees until the United States of America legally brought us here to Virginia.

Looking back, I can’t even imagine how I spent my life back in the refugee camp in Nepal. It was not only a hard life, but an impossible one. There were various problems in the refugee camp like scarcity of basic needs and the unavailability of better education.

In the refugee camp, basic needs such as food, clothes, and shelter were hard to find. My family had to depend on small biweekly rations. Sometimes we ran out of rations and had to starve the rest of the week. With scarce nutritious food, it was impossible to manage a good diet and, as a result, it was hard to maintain good health. Clothing was another problem in the refugee camp. We did not have warm jackets and coats to keep ourselves safe from the cold during the harsh Nepali winters. The price of clothing was very high. Since we did not have money, buying them was not an option. Each year, many people died in the camp as a result. People also turned to suicide as a way to end their suffering. When people want for something and continue to not get it, then they become more frustrated with each passing day. They begin to no longer see the value of life. As a result, they take their life making a statement that dying was better than living in the
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