The Life Of A Roman House Of Pompeii

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The Life in a Roman House of Pompeii About 2,000 years ago the housing in Pompeii was primarily four types. The common roman people were placed on the lower level apartments called Insulae, and the rich Roman people of Pompeii was placed in large and luxurious complexes called Domus. Many other rich Romans lived in villas. The rich families lived in a single story home that was built around central hall known as the atrium. The atriums were open up to the weather to let the rainwater which the Roman citizen used the water to bathe in and also to drink and cooked with. The atrium was an opening to the courtyard as the peristylum this area included a garden and the garden purpose was for meetings the rooms was decorated nicely. The main rooms were decorated with color plastered on the walls the floor was also decorated and the decoration showed your wealth. In the Pompeiian one of the known streets have a doorway to Roman houses there’s no grass or garden. The house faces the streets. The streets of the Roman road can be very disgusting because horses would poop in the middle of the street and also people would throw their human waste in the street so there was stepping stones to get them to the middle of the street so pedestrians to step on to get them to other side of the street. In a tour of the house its starts with the Ianua which is consider the doorway, on the door it was very well decorated from what is left to see the door had very beautiful painting. Now is the
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