The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

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The narrative of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs gives insight to the cruel treatments and the distressing existence of those and that she encountered herself in bondage during the early 1800s. Harriet writes of her own life under the pseudonym ‘Linda Brent’ and shares personal tales of her experiences with merciless masters and mistresses prior to her escape, and also the historical events of other slaves and the impact it had on them as a community during the Antebellum time period. The book follows Linda throughout her quest for freedom to save first and foremost, her children, from the brutalities of enslavement and the corruption of their young minds, as Linda’s was similarly polluted at a young age. Jacobs makes the profound statement that no human should ever be obligated to participate in captivity held by other humans who feel superior to their slaves, whether with kind masters or not.
To clarify, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl takes place in the Antebellum Period. These were the years after the War of 1812 and before the Civil War. The Antebellum Period was when the slavery, hand-in-hand with racism, spread widely across the states, but so did abolitionists and their support to end slavery. Linda Brent was an adult right in the heart of the Antebellum period, so these two conflicting sides were apparent in her life especially when desiring her freedom. Linda speaks in the book of when Nat Turner’s slave rebellion occurred and caused
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