The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

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The way that Harriet Jacobs describes slavery in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl was not a surprise to me. I believed that slaves were treated poorly and often times were hurt, the way that I thought of slavery is just like it is described in the book if not worse. I will discuss what I believed slavery was like before I read the book, how slavery was according to the book using in text citations and examples and also explain my thoughts on why the treatment was not a surprise to me. From what I have learned about slavery throughout my time in school, from the time I was in Elementary school till now I have always believed that slavery was a horrible and morally wrong thing that happened commonly. I had heard many stories about slavery, especially when I was in the seventh grade. My teacher in the seventh grade, would teach us many things about slavery that really changed the way I thought about it before then. He even recommended that we read a book called Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in this book the author discusses the effects of slavery and the belief that Christian love is stronger than anything and can bring people together. We were told that slaves were forced to work long hours and were malnourished due to not being fed a proper amount. Also when a slave disobeyed his master they were whipped till the master got tired of whipping the slave, and to make matters worse they would sometimes pour salt on their wounds for no reason. I was also told that on some occasions
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