The Life Of Alexander The Great

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The Life of Alexander the Great

Camia Lopez

Alexander the Great, the Son of King Philip II of Macedonia, was a young yet ambitious leader who conquered many nations. In ancient Greece, Greeks desired their leaders to be intelligent, prestigious, loyal, and hospitable. Alexander, an ambitious commander, satisfied all categories to qualify as a great leader. Alexander was born into nobility for his father was a descendent of Heracles, and his mother was a descendent of Aeacus. As Alexander grew older, he was tutored by Aristotle, a well respected Philosopher; There, he developed the thirst for more knowledge. To add on, after learning about medicinal properties, he applied it in real life to aid and cure his friends. On the other hand, many others saw Alexander’s invasion as chaotic and power driven because of the mayhem that have accompanied Alexander’s raid. Although many might argue that Alexander may seem like a heroic and powerful man for conquering various nations, others may see him as a destructive and belligerent man that was only thirsty for power and the expansion of land. In Alexander’s early life, his parents, King and Queen of Macedonia, are first introduced as descendants of Heracles and Aeacus, sons of the almighty Zeus. Immediately, we know that Alexander will turn out a good son because he was born into a wealthy, prominent, and well-born family. If you were born into a wealthy family in Greece, it is predicted that the child will turn out to be a good
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