The Life Of An Inspiring Educator

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In the Life of an Inspiring Educator

“While the regular classroom may not be the best learning environment for every child with a disability, it is highly desirable for all who can benefit. It provides contact with age peers and prepares all students for the diversity of the world beyond the classroom” (ASCD, 2002, pp.12). The World within the education system to those who are involved within and outside of it is very complex yet simplistic. Many detailed chapters in this conceptual book for educators are being composed and added to every second, minute, and hour by teachers all around the world. While many, if not majority of teachers are inspiring, they would be almost blank without the students they have the chance and opportunity to
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Although she did not quite understand at that age the difference between regular education and special education, she knew that teaching was what she wanted to do when she grew up. As she got older she started struggling in some of her classes at school, which resulted in the need for extra help outside of the classroom. By this age she had been aware of what a special education teacher was, and this sparked an even bigger interest for her plans when she got older. While growing up she had a childhood friend whose brother was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when he was born. This was Noelle’s very first life experience meeting and getting to help another child with a disability. The times that Noelle went to her friend’s house she would find herself paying more attention to her brother. He listened to her, interacted with her, and was open to any help he needed from her as if she were his own teacher and best friend. She was intrigued by the natural teaching characteristics she had with this little boy. The strong interest she had gained for wanting to become a special teacher had followed her throughout high school and into college. She attended Northern Illinois University with a Special Education major, and a regular education minor. The teaching program 10 years ago was much like it is set up now, meeting certain criteria for shadowing in classrooms, taking ‘Sped’ courses that progressed in difficulty and depth, and
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