The Life Of An Inspiring Educator

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In the Life of an Inspiring Educator

“While the regular classroom may not be the best learning environment for every child with a disability, it is highly desirable for all who can benefit. It provides contact with age peers and prepares all students for the diversity of the world beyond the classroom” (ASCD, 2002, pp.12). The World within the education system to those who are involved within and outside of it is very complex yet simplistic. Many detailed chapters in this conceptual book for educators are being composed and added to every second, minute, and hour by teachers all around the world. While many, if not majority of teachers are inspiring, they would be almost blank without the students they have the chance and opportunity to come across every year that have each left a remarkable and inspirational footprint in their experience as an educator. An influential professional who has strongly been connected to a disability category majority of her life, Noelle Dupuis, worked as a Special Education teacher for ten years and is now an assistant principle at St. Charles Elementary. From the time Noelle was in elementary school she discovered a love for helping and caring for others. When it was time for her to do homework after school she would line up her stuffed animals in a row at a table as if they were in a classroom sitting in desks. She would grab her homework after it was complete and begin to teach the stuffed animals like they were students in her classroom.…
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