The Life Of Ancient Egyptian Religion

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The concept of the eternal life in traditional Egypt is associated with the sun that always rose up to give renewal and vigor on a daily basis. Ancient Egyptians considered the afterlife as an ideal dimension in its peace, delight, and bliss. There were no hardships, rivalry or any negative emotions in the spiritual realm. The dimension was referred to commonly as the Field of Offerings or the Field of Rushes. The heavenly place was complete with its own version of the river Nile and was composed of two fields. The Egyptians society saw it possible to attain the peace given in the afterlife if they led an earthly religious life. The next life was eternal in nature. Ancient Egyptians employed two religious criteria to structure their belief in the afterlife. The beliefs were centered on godly myths and the spiritual connection between the body and the soul. One of the major elements in traditional Egyptian religion was their worship and belief in a variety of gods and goddesses. Each of the deities had their particular power, relevance and function in the ancient religion. The spirit world was associated with the god Ra, who was the deity with the duty of ruling the dimension. According to McKay, Ra was responsible for choosing individuals who were eligible for traveling in his boat across the ‘spirit’ river Nile into the land of the two fields . According to the religion, only Pharaohs had automatic passage to Ra’s boat ride into the land of the two fields. God Osiris, one
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