The Life Of Ancient India

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ddha impacted the lives of people in ancient India by promoting values such as the reaching of Nirvana and finding an end to all human suffering, and successfully converting thousands of people. He came from a background of the normal person; mostly blind of insight and generally living in their own bubble. However, he realized that one’s own life is not the only life out there, and suffering is apparent every day. So he set out with a mission to help normal people find happiness and fulfill their mission on earth, and changing the lives of the people of ancient India. Before greatly influencing the lives of others, Siddhartha Gautam Buddha grew up very sheltered as the prince in a community of Sakyas. His mother, Maya, dreamed one night…show more content…
In Buddhism, the ultimate goal of any practicing individual is to full extinction (Nirvana) and end the endless current of rebirth after death. From his encounter with Mara, Buddha concluded that to escape rebirth, man must rid himself of desires. After coming to this conclusion, Buddha spent over forty years practicing and preaching. By the age of eighty, he had successfully converted thousands of people in ancient India and beyond. His mission on earth was complete; Buddha prepared for Nirvana. His final words were; “Work out your own salvation with diligence!” By this he means to not let your faith waver, and keep walking the path to salvation of the soul, until your goal is met. In this case, the goal is happiness, and eventually, to reach Nirvana. Buddha’s values were intriguing and interesting. They provided a way for people to find an end to suffering and reach Nirvana. Nirvana was complete extinction and the end of rebirth after death. This was the ultimate goal for any Buddhist follower; To fulfill their mission on earth and graduate into Nirvana, escaping the troubles of life. To reach Nirvana, Buddha declared, one must rid themselves of all desires. Wanting something was quite alright, but obsessions and absolute need of unnecessary things was unhealthy. Buddha’s ultimate goal was to end suffering. He proposed that one must avoid sexual misconduct such as
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