The Life Of Babe Ruth Essay

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The Life Of Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth, born George Ruth, Jr., is considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time. Everybody knows how great a hitter Babe was and how he virtually invented the home run. Not everybody knows how great of a pitcher Babe was, even though he was one of the best left-handed pitchers of all time. Babe had a 92 and 44 record, 67.6%, and a 2.24 career earned- run average in 163 games pitched. Not many career .342 hitters that averaged a home run every 11.8 at bats can say that.
George Ruth, Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 6, 1895, son of George Herman Ruth, Sr. and Kate Ruth. George took the name of Herman at his confirmation
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Babe Ruth. At first George thought the name, Babe, was a joke, but after a while it became like a proper name, and everybody called him Babe.
After an impressive showing in the International League, Babe and the rest of the Oriole team were put up for sale. The Boston Red Sox bought Babe and he saw his first major league action on July 11,1914, as he took the mound against the Cleveland Naps. Babe ended up winning the game 4-3 after pitching seven innings and letting up only three runs on five hits. The Red Sox sent
Ruth to the International League to play on the Providence team, to get some more experience. At Providence, Ruth had a record of 11 wins and 2 loses. On
September 5, Ruth won a game 9-0, only letting up one hit, but more significantly he hit his first and only minor league home run.
The Red Sox brought Ruth back up after the Providence team won the pennant and Ruth pitched in one game without decision. While in Boston, Ruth almost always went to Landers coffee shop and his usual waitress was a girl named Helen Woodford. During breakfast one morning Ruth looked up at Helen and said, “How about you and me getting married, hon?” After thinking it over for a couple of minutes, Helen accepted his proposal. After the baseball season,
Babe and Helen got married in St. Paul's Church, Ellicott City, Maryland, on
October 17,1914. Helen Woodford Ruth stayed out of the public

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