The Life Of Bennett Barbour

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The Life of Bennett Barbour

Spencer Bartee
Course number 180 03
CCJ Intro to Criminal Justice

Virginia Union University
Table of Contents
Introduction 1 Investigation and Trail 2-4 The Innocents Project 5-6 History of DNA 7


In 1978 Bennett Barbour was accused of a sexual assault of a 19 year old William and Mary college student. He was picked out a line up by the victim despite the fact he didn’t match the discerption given by the rape victim. Bennett Barbour was a 22 year old handy man at the time of these charges, close to his arrest he and his wife was expecting a new born child. Bennett Barbour served 5 years in prison before making parole. Even though all the evidences showed that Mr. Barbour couldn’t have committed this crime he was still convicted. In May 2012 Mr. Barbour was formally cleared of the rape charges but has not yet been compensated for it. Bennett

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