The Life Of ' Cry Baby ' : Melanie Martinez Au

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The Life of ‘Cry Baby’ - Melanie Martinez AU
Chapter 1: Dollhouse – “Don’t let them see what goes down in the kitchen…”
Hi, I’m Melanie, my family may look perfect from the outside but you don’t know the least of it…..
My mum’s the mayor, she may be all sweet and loving in the public, but as soon as she enters the house, a bottle of the closest alcoholic substance in the house is in her hands. She’s an alcoholic, not an abusive drunk, just reckless.
My dad is the headmaster at the most prestigious boarding academy in all of town. He may look faithful and loving to his wife, the mayor. But no, when mum is out on the town or chugging down at least 2 bottles of alcohol per night at home, he’s out having his long-term affair with mum’s secretary.
My brother, Alexander, the mayor’s son; the most giving, well dressed, sweet and caring boy in the entire town, if you think his smile is fabricated, you’re 100% right. Behind the closed doors of our large house, he’s also the town’s biggest drug lord. He goes under an alias so no one rats him out the government.
Then there’s me, Melanie Martinez. I’m no one but the mayor’s cute, doll-like looking daughter. I’m the only sort of normal one in this house. My routine for the morning is like no other teenager’s. When I wake up at six am, I go to mother’s bedroom and place her aspirin and water on her bedside table. I carefully wash the lipstick stains off dad’s clothing. I go to my brother’s room and replenish the air freshener. Then I

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