The Life Of Demeter : Suffering Earth Goddess

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Demeter: Suffering Earth Goddess

Demeter was much sought-after by mortals, as her title made her extremely important to them. So she lived on Earth, not on Mt. Olympus, and she frequently appeared to mortals, who were not afraid of her like they were of some of the gods.

Her function was to make sure the grain crops grew, as people needed them for food for themselves and their animals, and for export, for their economy.

Many temples were built to Demeter, and people always remembered to worship her and to thank her.

She and Zeus had an affair, and from their union Persephone was born. Demeter was fiercely proud of her daughter; the two were the best of friends, and Persephone (FI) had a wonderful, luxurious life.

By the time Persephone was grown, she was an outstanding beauty. Many men, both mortal and immortal, wanted to marry her, but she was uninterested. She loved spending time with her mother and her friends, and she was in no hurry to commit to anything else.

Now remember that Hades was a lonely god, surrounded by dead mortals (the Greeks called them “shades”) in a damp, dismal, depressing Underworld. So, to cope with his isolation, Hades sometimes puton his helmet of invisibility and rode his horse up through the chasm in the earth to the earth’s surface. One particular day, Hades, wearing his helmet of invisibility, saw Persephone talking to her friends in a meadow, and he was overcome with love for the beautiful immortal.

Looking at the pretty goddess
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