The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe 's Life Of Despair

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A Life of Despair: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents, David and Elizabeth Arnold Poe, both were actors. David Poe, who died shortly after, abandoned the family before Poe was two years old, leaving his mother alone with the three kids. Not too long after, Poe watched as his mother slowly died of Tuberculosis, while coughing up blood. Unfortunately for Poe, this was just the beginning of a life full of despair. Though he was never legally adopted, Poe spent the rest of his childhood with foster parents, John and Frances Allan. John Allan was an entrepreneur, always in search of new business ideas. In 1815, Allan relocated the family to London to pursue business interest as a tobacco merchant. After realizing the business venture was not as successful as he had hoped, Allan moved the family back to Richmond, Virginia where Poe would spend the rest of his childhood. Allan sent Poe to private academies in order to ensure that he was well educated. At age 11, Poe studied at Joseph H. Clarke where he began writing poetry. After reading some of his work, Allan considered having Poe published. However, out of fear that he may flatter the boys’ vanity, he decided against the idea despite his talent (Bloom 11). In 1826, Edgar Poe entered the University of Virginia studying Ancient and Modern Language. However, he was unable to afford the tuition and other fees on the income Allan provided him with. In hopes of

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