The Life Of Edward Irving Wortis : A Reflection Of His Life

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Can you imagine failing classes like reading and writing but still growing up to be a world class author. Well that’s Avi! Avi’s school struggles helped him in the long run. He grew up in a time period that greatly influenced him and clearly shows in some of his books. Avi focused on all different types of children’s books and originally made the stories for his son. All in All Avi’s life made him the great author he is recognized as today. Avi’s writing is a reflection of his life. Edward Irving Wortis was born on December 23, 1937 in Manhattan, New York. His father, Joseph, was a psychiatrist and his mother Helen was a social worker. He also had an older brother named Henry and a twin sister named Emily. His sister couldn 't say his name so she called him Avi which caught on with the rest of the family. According to a family story Avi taught himself how to read at the age of five! His family also had a writing background. His great grandfather was a storyteller and another one of his great grandfathers was a writer. Also his aunt was a journalist. Despite all this Avi still struggled in school. Avi struggled in his classes, especially reading and writing. Sometimes he would write the same word three times and spell it differently each time. His teachers thought he was sloppy and didn 't pay attention. His papers would often be returned covered in red markings. Unfortunately he had dysgraphia which is the impairment of the ability to write caused by brain dysfunction.
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