The Life Of Edward Snowden

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson walked beside her, along with a group of American security guards. They finally arrived at their destination, a tall tan building that looked completely ordinary. They were escorted to a room by some kind of Russian security. The doors opened and Cynthia looked inside to see a white table and sitting at one end was the one and only Edward Snowden. He had pale skin, brown eyes, and a thin pair of glasses that seemed to make him look even more like a geek, if that is possible. Snowden had been in Russia since 2013, seeking temporary asylum there after exposing NSA surveillance tactics. It is still unknown if he will be able to return. Snowden quickly stood up at their entrance, as if hard-wired to do so.…show more content…
While those are valid fears, the current system is failing at protecting Americans.” Snowden stated, and Cynthia furrowed an eyebrow in confusion. “You remember the Orlando night club shooting in 2016, right?” Snowden asked, and Cynthia nodded in reply. “The shooter behind the massacre was Omar Mateen and he had been looked at twice prior to the shooting” (Esau 61). “They did surveillance. They did wiretapping. They interviewed the co-workers….after about [ten] months, they closed it down. They said they did not have enough evidence to indicate that he was supporting terrorism or planned to act on his earlier comments” (Esau 61). “Well that is certainly unsettling.” Cynthia muttered, “But how does this relate to Act Utilitarianism?” “In terms of Act Utilitarianism, greater privacy over security would be ethical because the majority of the population would be happier, despite some unhappiness from those worried about domestic terrorism. The rules that greater security violates in Rule Utilitarianism cause more unhappiness overall and this greater unhappiness caused by more security would be unethical. So naturally, privacy would be the better solution to more security because it allows for greater overall happiness. What we are doing is not working, and it has just as negative effects, especially if you look at the current writers of the world.” Snowden paused, letting his points sink in. “Writers living
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