The Life Of Frederick Douglass And Harriet Jacobs

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Slavery gave many similar trials to all the African Americans. However, the lives of Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs were more different than similar when they were slaves. The differences between their lives mostly come from being opposite genders, as the man deals with more physical and mental afflictions, whereas the woman suffers physical and social afflictions. Fredrick Douglass was born in Maryland, but never told his birthday, as was the case with most slaves. In fact, they were not to ask their age or they would be punished (Douglass, 17). Also, just as most slave children, he was separated from his mother before he was a year old, probably to avoid attachment between family members (Douglass, 18). When he was smaller, though never directly confirmed to him, he heard that his master was his father (Douglass, 19). It was quite common for slaveowners to have children with the slave women, so his scenario was one of thousands. There may have been a few scattered masters who would not want to be cruel towards their mulatto children. However, if these masters ever so much as attempted to defend or protect their slave children from being punished, a worse punishment would be bestowed on the slave, as well as much more trouble with his white mistress (Douglass, 19). Thankfully, during Douglass’ younger years, he was not exposed to much of the cruelties that slavery imposed on his people of any kind generally speaking. He, along with the rest of the colored children…
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